Prayer Request List   Sunday, January 21, 2018

Pray For The People On This List 

A Day Without Prayer Is A Wasted Day

We have a number of people who have requested prayer for themselves or for someone they know. Some have sickness, some have personal problems, some have financial or other problems, many have loved ones who need the Lord. We want each of you to remember all these in your prayers.

If You Have Someone You Would Like To Be Added To The List 

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JeffNewland (6/5/13)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Helen Kennedy  (Steve Starkey,                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Chastity Myers  (Sherry Newland  (5/1/13)
Brenda Crass  (Laqita Fox, (4/30/13)
Darlene Watson  (Open Heart Surgery)
Helen Long  (Joice Weddington  (3/26/13)
Peggy Bess  (Lucille Barlar  (3/21`/13)
Donna Kaufman (Pam Dodd  (3/16/13)
Jack Ladd (Madisonville, Ky. (3/9/13)
Jaden Maynard  (Sherry Newland (3/6/13)
Helen Hallums (In Hospital, (2/28/13)
Beverly Fergerson  (Anita Brinkley 1/31/13)
Tyler Foster  (Wendy Maddox  (1/29/13)
Sherry Newland  (Anita Brinkley  1/29/13)
Marilyn Ragsdale (Anita Brinkley  1/14/14)
Michael Collins  (Pam Dodd's Cousin--- 1/14/13)
Jeff Sanborn ( Sister Davenport 12/31/12)
David Powell  (Nashville Metro Fireman With Serious Burns In A House-fire)
Ben Riley  (Mattie Quirk  12/8/12)
Maggie Hoover  (12/7/12) 
Clarance Helton
Velma Ledbetter
Christy Pennington  (Trish Covington)
Henrietta Hale  (Kim Robbin's Mother)
Marge McNall  
Melanie (Suzanne Andrews' Aunt)
Mabel Fairley   (Elsie Cunningham)
Christy Ivey (1/9/12)
Mitzi Eleam  (Freddie Hallums  6/23/12)
Kenneth Beckham  (Anita Brinkley-- 6/18/12)
Mike Heilbron (Joice Wedington-- 6/18/112)
Yvonne Moore  (Joice Weddington-- 5/26/12)

Glenda McNalley  (Helen Becton's Sister)  5/18/12
Teresa  (Pastor Gerri's Daughter)
Robbie Winters  (Ray & Trish Covingon)  3/20/12)
Malnetta Edwards  (Freda Wood's Sister) 3/8/12)

Paul Mitchell   (Joice Weddington  3/8/12)
Pauline Arnold  (2/15/12 Trish Covington)
Mary Walace  (2/15/12)
Alana King   (Tera Taylor  2/7/12)
Charles Myers  (2/7/12)
Helen Long  (2/6/12)

Debbie Wilson   (Clarence Helton 1/30/12)
Bob Stevenson  (Joice Wedington  1/23/12)
Sarah Compton  (Kemp)  (1/20/12)
Belle Helton (Clarance Helton's Sister-In-Law) (1/20/12)
Will Morgan  (Joice Weddington)
Tanya & Ken Bolinger 
Betty Hammonds  (Clarence Helton)

Brenda Cruse  (Anita Thornton's Sister)
Elton Wisman  (Faye Bain)
Pauline Stephens
Reba Davenport

John Paul Smith  (Bridgett)
Kelvin Shelby
Cathy Carroll  (Darlene Allen)
Margraret Dewease  (Mattie)

Thomas Smith  (Clarance Helton)
Jake Chibbaro (Serious Accident)
Sheeri Thiel  (Elsie Cunningham)
Sarah Norris   (Blood clot in leg)
Kevin Stallings,  Cancer   (Jean Chaney)
Tom Sims  (Trish Covington)
Kevin McManus  (Pancreatic Cancer)
Joy King   (Acident, Ronald Denton's Daughter)
Faye Bain  
Henrietta Hale  (Kim Robbins)                  A Study On Prayer

Jewel Brown  (Trish Covington's Mother)
Krystal Walker  (Jimmy Johnson)
Tony Cailborne  (Sherry Newland's Son)
Alexandria Grace    (Mary Bustos)
Hannah McGray  
Christie True         (Joice Werddington)
John Riddle                      ^^
Evelyn True                      ^^
Jack Satterfield              ^^
Helen Hallums
Maxie Joann Johnson  (Sherry Newland)
Julie Lampley  (Eileane Rodgers)
Judy Mitchell  (Joice Weddington)
Paul Mitchell  (Joice Weddington)
Martha Baker 
Lindsey Goode  (Freddie Hallums)
Grey Hudson  (Clarence Helton)
Mainerria Edwards (Freda Woods)
Marvin Ivey  

Willie Adams  (Freda Woods)
Mason Grimsley  (Trudy Bledsoe)
Eva Gwin  (Lynn Gwin)
Jere Tucker  (Lynn Gwin )
Sam Melton  (Valerie Kemp Dreier)
Conte Hacket  (Loretta Taylor)
Susan Reoper  (Loretta Taylor)
Barry Scantland  (Ray Covington)

Ritchie Pickle (Steve Starkey)
Annie Jones (Darlene Watson's Sister)        
A Study On Prayer
Ruth McGrath & Family  (web)                     
Prayer And Intercession
Mike Selser (Elsie Cunningham)                     My Prayer For Today
Lilly Henderson  (Elsie Cunningham)     Biblical Examples Of Prayer
Betty Wingfield  (Elsie Cunningham)            
An Awesome God       
Sunset At Capernaum
Steve Bolin  (Rickey Graves)                        
My Miracle
Emergency Scriptures
Kris McManus                                           
Ryan Kilpatrick  (George Wood)            
John Karstetter  (By Pam Dodd)           
Darrell Johnson (By Jimmy Johnson)  
James West
Una Jones    (Elsie Cunningham)           
Frances Sullivan   (Pam Dodd)                 
Judy Mitchell  (Joice Weddington)                                       
Thomas McKay (Freddie Hallums)         
Shawn Maynard (Joyce Thornton)        
Tom Neely (Judy Tyler's Brother)          
Jim Newsom (Trish Covington)              
Ed Johnson (Trish Covington)                         
Pat Cohron                                                
Leland Allmon (Freda Wood)                 
Joe West (Amanda West)                                   
Portia Adams  (Elsie Cunningham) 
Evelyn Ladd (Joice Weddington) 
Sgt. Charles Potts (Patty Jones) 
Mr. Rex Birdsong  (Patty Jones)
Christie True (Joice Weddington)
Frances Sullivan (Pam Dodd)
Billie Whaley  (Clarance Helton)
Clark Robbins  (Kim Robbins)
Rev. Charles Grisham
Sharon Eckert (Jimmy Johnson)
Howard Pettus
Shirley Vandiver

Marion Swindell

Elsie Tharp

Let us remember all of these in our prayers.

If you have a prayer request send it to,

Prayer Request

By, James & Mary Lee Thornton