Bible Characters       Sunday, January 21, 2018

Jesus Calls His Disciples

Bible Characters 

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We are using this part of our web site to study the life and works of many different Bible Characters. We will study characters, both men and women, of the Old and New Testaments and point out the way God used them to bring to the world the fact of Monotheism. Many of their names and exploits are recorded in Hebrews 11. 

We can trace in their recorded histories the many different types of individuals God called into His service. Some of them were called to leave their homes and families and go into a strange land where God promised to give it to them for an inheritance. Others were called to stand for God under terrible conditions. Some stumbled along the way but by the grace of God picked themselves up to leave us a record of Gods mercy and grace.

These men and women, we call Bible Characters, are the greatest people the world has ever produced. Without the heroics of their lives , the world would still be wallowing in idolatry, and a large part of the population in bondage of slavery.

So I invite you to read each article on the lives of the greatest men and women of all time.

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1. Pilate's Wife   The Only One To Come To Jesus' Defence 

2. Jacob #1  Introduction To Jacob, Birth, & Birthright                                  

3. Jacob #2  Deception Of Isaac, Dream Of Ladder, To Haran

4. Jacob #3  A Nation Is Born, Returning Home, Prepares To Meet Esau                                    

5. A Study Of Job   Another Look At The Book Of Job

6. Moses And Hobab

7. Peter Goes Fishing  Peter, Along With 5 More Go Fishing                 

8. Why Jesus Wept   At The Death Of Lazareth

9. Elijah #1      A Messenger From A Forsaken God                                  

9. Elijah #2      Elijah On Mt. Carmel

10. Elijah #3    Elijah Runs In The Rain

11. Elijah #4    Elijah On Mt. Horeb, Call Of Elisha

12. Elijah #5    Ahab Covets Naboth's Vineyard

13. Elijah #6    Elijah Reproves Ahab, Ahab's Death

14. Elijah #7    Elijah Calls Down Consuming Fire

15. Elijah #8    Elijah's Translation

14. Abraham #1   Introduction, His Call, Into Canaan                      

15. Abraham #2   Famine, Into Egypt, Lot Goes To Sodom, First War

16. Abraham #3  Faith Conquering Fear, God Come To Dinner

17. Abraham #4  Sodom Destroyed, Isaac Born, Bondwoman Out

18. Abraham #5  Offering Up Isaac, Death Of Sarah

19. Abraham #6  A Wife For Isaac, Death Of Abraham

20. The Men Jesus Chose                            

21. The Men Jesus Chose #1

22. The Men Jesus Chose #2

23. The Men Jesus Chose #3

23. The Call And Sending Of The Apostle Paul

24. Moses, Servant Of God